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5 product starsKTS Storm
Awesome – Vapemonkey1980 – 04/05/2013 23:59:52
Me and my wife both got one of these within hours of Vapertrain having it in stock!Absolutely lovely bit of kit! The button is responsive, the threads silky, and the build light, but sturdy.I’ve seen similar looking mods selling at over £100, but this one you take out without fear of breathing on it!Fully mechanical and easy to disassemble to clean.We both love it and would highly recommend to anyone wanting a spiffy looking mechanical at a little more than ego prices!

5 product stars
VAMO v2 kit – Amo – 15/02/2013 17:29:26
I’ve been vaping for 4 months now and my little ego style batteries were beginning to tire so a friend recommended getting a Vamo V2. The kit from Vaper Train provided me with everything I needed and was well within my budget. Since using the Vamo my e juice has tasted a lot better because I can control the voltage and wattage. The service and advice from Vaper Train was totally brilliant with next day delivery! I will certainly be ordering more products the guys at Vaper Train. Thank you 🙂

5 product stars
VAMO is like a mini fog machine. – Mr TC – 20/02/2013 21:22:50
The VAMO is the best ecig i have tried.Feels so solid and well made – high quality finish. Very quick/easy menu system – totally reliable. Mini mode is a great feature – perfect for out and about. If you hsve only tried 510’s before then a vamo will blow you away – it chuggs out plumes of vapour – the service from Vaper Train has been amazing – the best UK ecig retailer for VAMO without a doubt.

5 product stars
Vivi Nova – Sean Coyle – 27/01/2013 19:52:34
Probably the best budget tank system out on the market. It holds a whopping 3ml of juice which is usually enough to last an entire day if your a heavy vaper like me.What else I do like about this system is the fact that it’s totally rebuildable which is a huge saving if your currently using clearomisers as they tend to die off after a few weeks. when you start to notice a difference in the taste you simply put a new head on which is included in the kit or you can simply just order new heads.I’ve used other more expensive atomisers and I always fall back on my old faithful Vivi Nova.

5 product stars
The Dogs Danglies – AndyC1971 – 01/02/2013 15:40:24
Well, where do I start, I am a person armed with a very cynical opinion, and on clicking links and reviews, I take ratings with a pinch of salt, and always take at least 3 stars off, and that way I cannot be disappointed. How wrong was I!! Made to look like a complete and utter tool, as this is an amazing bit of kit. I thoroughly recommend buying the mini nova with this and a 18650 battery, like was recommended to me. This kit in chrome, does look gorgeous and is almost sexual (please dont judge me!) and has exceeded all my wildest expectations. Along with the brilliant customer service, and after sales care, I might also hasten to add, you really wont regret it. The team of ‘Vamo & Vaper Train’ cannot be beaten in my humble opinion.

5 product stars
Vamo – HowardHopkinson – 23/01/2013 19:17:36
Just received my Vamo kit today and I must say I’m very impressed with it. It has surpassed all my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone.Vaper Train have been excellent and their delivery was spot on just as and when they said it would arrive. Nice one James and thanks mate.

5 product stars(Vamo)
Great Kit – JJ – 12/01/2013 23:59:13
The Vamo has relegated my Provari to back-up status. That’s how impressed I am with this device.I’ve used the Vamo continuously for about a week now with no problems. It has worked just as well in single 18350 and 18650 modes. I haven’t tried it with stacked 18350’s.The controls are straightforward with no menus to faff through, build quality is very good and I don’t have a bad word to say about the device.This was my first order with VaperTrain, their service was excellent with fast delivery and good communications.I have no hesitation in recommending the device and think the kit excellent value for money.

5 product stars(Vamo)
Outstanding service – Sean Coyle – 19/01/2013 10:44:20
This kit is excellent if you want to take your vaping to another level. The kit is excellent value for money and contains everything you need to get started. The Vamo looks and feels great and allows you personalise your device with its variable volt and wattage settings. It can also tell you the resistance in your coil which is a feature I personally like The service provided was excellent with next day delivery! Before, during and after sales communication was excellent. I totally recommend Vaper Train to anyone and I’ll be back to order an AGA T on my next pay day!

5 product stars(Vamo)
Great kit,great service,great price. – Tony Smith – 20/01/2013 14:54:19
I am with the other reviewers,this is my first venture into VV vaping.I was impressed that Vaper Train offered a kit,at an excellent price,a one stop shop, without all the faffing about with the peripherals also required.Their service and communication was excellent.I have been in Vaping Nirvana for the past 4 days with my Vamo,which has performed faultlessly.I would recommend the Vamo Kit and Vaper Train to anyone.

5 product stars(eGo Passthrough)
great little ecig
 – Sue – 08/12/2012 20:14:13
i got this as my first e-cig with a ce4 and im now not smoking i highly recommend this for its ease of use wish ii had found this earlier.

5 product stars(Vamo)
Vamo V2 Kit Feedback – Mark Lau – 01/02/2013 18:19:59
i have been vaping for around a month now with the goal of giving up smoking, and so far so good i have gone from up to 30 a day to around 7 a day, which i feel great about. when i first started vaping i did not know that much about the vaping equipment and juices, and i made the mistake of ordering from a well known supplier which at that time i thought was one of the top suppliers,unfortunately i was later to find out that they are one of the most expensive suppliers and could have got my starter equipment for a third of what i paid….so lesson learnt. having been searching on the internet for information about vaping and equipment, i came across the vaper train website, with loads of information on there about vaping, which i found very informative. having found such an informative supplier, i decided to order the vamo v2 kit from them which is a present from my wife for my birthday. i had seen a lot of feedback on various forums about the vamo v2. and with vaper train doing a complete kit decided to order one. i have now been using the kit for a few days so decided to write some feedback about it. the actual vamo v2 i ordered is in black chrome finish, which is very nice and at this point of use too early to say how the finish will last but so far so good and it does look like quality,i would say that the vamo v2 looks alot more expensive than what it actually costs, when i took it out of the box i thought the batteries were already in it, they weren’t, the weight is surprising, looking around the vamo v2 it looksand feels great all the buttons are nice as well although turning it on and off can be a knack, the 5 clicks have to be just right i have found. the lcd is very clear and easy to read, and with the instructions that came with it i soon got the hang of what to do with it and the different settings. i have only usedit in 18350 mode with a single battery and have found that it lasts almost all day for me on a single battery which is great. i was very surprised at how you can get different juices to taste by adjusting the settings and to be honest i am still playing around trying to get the ‘sweet spots’ of all my juices another bonus. in the kit you do get two ce4 v2 clearomisers, i did find that these do not fit onto the vamo v2 thread very well, they will go on but they seem to have tight spots as you are turning them on, this was both of the ce4’sbut the vivi nova which i added to the order screws on fine with no problems at all. i used the ce4’s and the nova and both give really good vapes, and the vamo is very easy to tweek for different atomisers and juices to get the best flavour and vape. i really like my vamo v2 and would recommend it to anybody,in fact sometimes i cant put it down, my other pv’s are just back ups now. it is comfortable to hold as well sometimes i forget i have it in my hands, i can see now why there are so many people using the vamo v2. i would definitely order from vaper train again and they will be one of my main suppliers of vaping equipment from now on.

5 product stars(Aga-T+)
Aga-T+ – Ssscrudddy – 08/02/2013 12:10:00
a excellent piece of kit. nice finish, feels & looks like good quality. at first it seemed a little daunting to build a stainless steel wick & coil,especially after reading on forums about people who were having trouble with them. but i have found it very easy to make the wick & coil, & this gives a very nice clean vape (no funny tastes from filler material) i have tried dual coil tanks which are trouble free but drop off in taste too quickly for my liking & can be a bit pricey. i have tried vivi novas, but i get too many wicking issues with them, & when they dont wick properly they taste gross. also i have issues with finding the right wick that doesnt have a taste to it. also i dont really like the idea of using glass fibre as a wick to suck stuff into my lungs. 3 of my 4 vivi novas leaked badly (not bought from here).i have also tried a ce4 but the same issue as vivi novas, & the 1 i had leaked so badly all the juice in it would leak out in just 1 day (not boughtfrom here). so i decided to try a genesis type atty, ie ss mesh wick. the agat+seems to be the cheapest version i could find (a cobra costs £114 for effectively the same thing) this has a nice finish & feels like a quality piece of kit, & looks perfect on the vamo. its quite heavy but not a problem for me. see this link for a pic of it on a vamo (& an egoc with3.5ml dct for comparison) the one i got from vapertrain came with a polycarbonate tank. there are some that come with aglass tank, but the finish on the glass tank is very rough & chipped on thetop & bottom. some vendors have therefore replaced the glass tank with 1 of their own. i received my agat+ delivered to my door the same day i ordered it.i am lucky enough to live in the next town from wellingborough & vapertrain kindly delivered direct to me instead of having to wait for the post. making the wick & coil was much easier than i thought it would be. for making the coils, use the drill bit method (a cobra is used in the video, but its no different) basically put a drill bitinto the hole where the wick will go, & coil your kanthal wire around the drill bit. remove drill bit. this way you can insert the wick without having tore-coil. when it gets gunked up you can just pull the wick out again, blowtorch it to clean it, & re-insert the wick again without having to clean the coil, just pull out the wick & do a dry burn, blowing hard on it to get rid of any build up. to make the wick, get some ss mesh 400, &blow torch it, to oxidise it, so that it doesnt conduct electricity. a cigarette lighter wont get it hot enough & will just leave it covered in soot. use a blow torch with a blue flame. you want the ss mesh to be glowing red. then roll the mesh around a straightened paper clip, pull out the paperclip, & blow torch it again thoroughly to oxidise it.

5 product stars
Great Service, Great Device !!! – Vomit – 09/02/2013 22:18:20
i ordered this a few days ago, delivered the following day (brilliant service) it has been a pleasure to use with the nova v5 tank, also chrome and the whole unit looks great, big though. personally i prefer using it with the larger battery, easier to hold in different ways with the extra length, with the smaller battery i have to support it underneath as their isn’t enough room to get a good grip on it and use my thumb to fire.its buttons are well placed and spaced, nice amount of pressure needed to operate them, not a great deal, but enough to stop accidental presses, the + button protrudes from the body slightly more than the – button a nice design feature. the screen is big and bright, very easy to read. james advised me to use mode 2, i have done and it performs as it should, constant quality vaping. in mode1 though and it seems to do as it pleases to a point, not as nice to use. some previously unusable juices have been through it, nothing else we have in the house could get any flavor from them and all produced minimal vapor, but in the vamo with the v5 they were actually not bad at all, not great but they will be used up eventually. with a good juice and some playing about with the power out put i have got something that vapes very closely to how i smoked roll ups well worth the money for that alone. tried it with some cartomisers too, just to test it out, worked fine, nice draw through them but it did look a bit silly.i have one criticism about the kit, it’s the clearomisers it comes with. firstly they get warm very quickly, even on low watts they soon heat up. secondly the wicks are far too short and need at least 0.6ml of juice before they even get to sniff the stuff. they will do as spares though, wont be putting one back on any time soon. also the design of them does not compliment the vamo at all, looks out of place on it.

(A Note From Vaper Train) The Vamo kit supplied to the customer above was supplied with CE4’s due to the Chinese Lunar new year. Normally we provide Vivi Nova’s v5 in our kits, unless stated otherwise, our kits will be supplied with Vivi Nova’s

Forum Reviews:

Piddy (UK Vapers)
New Vamo arrived today super fast from Vaper Train – very good guys.

Joining the big boys and girls
It has been on the cards for a while now but between a girlfriend with a fussy diet and bad spending (on useless shite) habit, two young kids, an extortionate gas bill and
trying my damn hardest to put every spare penny I can cling on to towards setting up my business (not vaping related).
I finally gave in to temptation this evening after seeing that James at Vaper Train had the Igo -L back in stock and decided to order one and an Aga+ too
Had a good chat with him too and hes a great guy and very helpful. Cheers mate.
I really cant wait to get going with these two. I am currently clinging on to my zombie vivi nova and 306 atty, I call them zombies because even though they still
seem to have some life in them they now look, smell and taste like shit haha

Big Smurf
Vapertrain have the better deal with charger, batteries and nova. Also due to price its next day traceable delivery. I was really impressed with them.

Scrudddy Hi, I got an AgaT+ Friday night & I made a ss wick yesterday. I’m not having problems, it seems I have the knack, just need to experiment a bit to get rid of the top hotspot.

the grim vaper Ordered 2 of these 18350 batteries at £3 each late yesterday afternoon and received them today, great service as i’m up in central Scotland, 10/10.

onthejazz  I would just like to say how great vaper train has been with my order of the vamo they have really gone that extra mile with customer service with a small issue with the great r.mail service and will be placing another order very soon with u guys,thanks very much

ado28    Vaper Train Thanks for your top notch service. The Vamo is perfect. AGA T next! 

Bryan123456 The AGA T + is brilliant too and looks so good on the Vamo “Resistance is futile” 

Just want to say a big thanks to Vaper train. Ordered something on Monday but PayPal decided to do there usual trick and threw a spanner in the works. Thanks to James’s excellant communication I managed to get it sorted today.
Just thought I’d mention it here as good customer service counts for a lot.

This is an experience I had today whilst shopping at
I placed an order this morning for some r4y juice and a new vivi nova, I paid for the order and all was well, But……
I then noticed they sold vivi nova’s with a metal tank sleeve and viewing window I then wished I had ordered that one, I phoned them up and spoke with James who was very helpfull and said he would change the order and send me a paypal invoice for the extra, whilst on the phone I asked if he done any sample size juices and he said they did, asked me what I liked and quoted me a price, I said great add one of them to the order and invoice me.
An hour later I got an email for the invoice, in it he commented how he got the price wrong for the sample and it was actually cheaper than he said it was, and for his area he would send me out 1 extra for free.
So My order now consists of a new viva nova with chrome sleeve, 20ml of R4Y, a sample of Golden VI, and a free sample of gold & silver.
I paid and phoned to confirm that he had received the payment he said he had and would post this evening and I should receive a package tomorrow.
One of my pet hates in life is poor customer service, it really grinds on me. I suffered a blonde moment when placing my order this morning, but with one phone call this was all rectified hassle free. so a massive thanks to vaper train and James.
Will I shop there again? definatly ( as long as my order is delivered correct) hehe
Once again a big thanks for the help today.

I wanted an AgaT+. I texted a local vendor who didnt reply, so eventually I ordered 1 from somewhere else… Then the local vendor replied, so I bought 1 from him as well (& received it the same day Vaper Train)
Eventually the 1st 1 I orderd from elsewhere showed up as well (5 days later).
Now I have 2 & they are great. It seems I have the knack of building the coils & wicks.
So now I have to order another Vamo so that I can have each of these tanks sitting on a PV instead of keep swapping.
Roll on payday.

I just thought that I would do a quick review of Vaper Train
At the start of the year I expressed my interest with Vaper Train with regards to purchasing the Vamo 2 from his website. It was just after Christmas and stocks were flying off his shelf. Because Christmas cleaned me right out coupled with the the wife’s car shitting itself during the festive period all the spare cash I had went on buying the parts needed to fix her bucket. My wife agreed to buy me the Vamo from her Christmas bonus so I gave James a date when I would make my order and he kindly offered to put one aside for me which (for me) made the sale more personal.
As soon as my wife got paid my order was made that afternoon in the middle of the bus station via the internet on my mobile phone! Within a few minutes I received conformation and the conformation said that the Vamo would be with me by 1pm the following day!
As promised the Vamo arrived before 1pm. Now that is what I call service! James even sent me a wee pm that night thanking me for my order and to let him know when it arrives. The Vamo arrived but sadly I missed the postie by about 1/2 an hour so had to wait until the following day to collect it from the sorting office.
I have recommended Vaper Train to all my friends and would give their business a full 10/10. Its great dealing with people who are so passionate about what they do as it really makes you feel valued. The next time I’m down your way James, I will be looking you up even if its for a beer!

the grim vaper
Here’s another thumbs up for Vaper Train as i ordered a couple of his 18350 batteries which are great value at £3 a go just before Christmas and they were with me the next day, great service and will deffo shop here again.

I gotta say I like them too. Only used them once, but I will use them again. I ordered an AgaT+, & despite the heavy snow had it in my hand within 5 hours, along with a free 20ml bottle of juice & some extra wire & mesh free. & I even got given my P&P back! How cool is that.
So now I’m just waiting on them getting some more black Vamos in stock & I will order 1.

Just like to share my experience of using Vaper Train today. Being a dumb stupid newbie, asking silly questions, with the help and advice I was given, I went armed with an idea of what I wanted today. I had a look at a few sites on Saturday night, and seeing a good write up on service given by the above company, I contacted them today.
May I say, I was blown away with the knowledgeable advice coupled with complete honesty that this company gave. If I had heeded that advice, I would of spent a lot less than I did, but am confident that vaping is the solution to me 
So order all done, just waiting for the friendly postman to knock the door Wednesday, sad I know, but a day has been taken off work, so I can accept delivery
What was also excellent was the very generous discount I was given.
This company, the same as the members I have had a pleasure of coming into contact with here, cannot be commended enough. I hope this will be start of a long a fruitful relationship
Thank you all again

I second that Vaper Train is extremely helpful, had a nice chat about my upcoming purchase on “PayDay” and he was very accommodating in tailoring to my needs! Although my purchase hasn’t been made yet, I can’t sing his praises high enough already!
Andy, I was a 30 a day smoker and thought I would never quit! The day I started vaping was the last time I had a stinkie which was over 5 months ago. VT is right, after a week with a basic kit I was already hunting down bigger, better more powerful bits of kit!

Wow, just wow, Vaper Train PMd me last night, telling me to try the VAMO in VW mode, and provided me with the instructions. After watching Jeremy Kyle this morning, and feeling pretty good about my own life, I remembered this PM, and adjusted the settings accordingly, and what a difference to the taste. It felt like the first pint of ice cold Guiness after a hard days work. I have found my utopia, using RY4. Excellent after sales service, and will this extend to him coming and finishing all the jobs around the house, that I have never got around to complete….please

My Defective Vamo
I picked up a Vamo from Friday and yesterday morning, after having charged up some new batteries, tried to get it going.
I put an atomizer on top and set it up – selected RMS mode and VW checked the atomizer and battery and fired up. I got an 02 error code. I swapped batteries for one straight out of my charger checked the voltage, fired up and it ran for about a minute and I then got the 02 code again.
I swapped the 18350 batteries around – into my other Vamo and my Provari Mini. All was well with them. I tried the Vamo with AW Efest and the batteries provided by James (at £3 each an absolute bargain). Same results.
I contacted James. He was mortified – “Bring it straight back and I will swap it out.” There were no questions – he’d swap it out. So….
I ended up with James & Jade and James put a fresh 18650 battery into the Vamo and the bloody thing fired up and worked and worked. At this point I was feeling a “complete plonker” would sum it up – and had driven 15 miles and wasted James’s time. James still offered to swap it out. As it seemed to be working I said I’d take it back and apologised for wasting his time, We had coffee and a chat and James returned to the Vamo, fired it up and – got the 02 code.
The battery had dropped about 0.1v and this was enough for it to trip out a safety circuit that was malfunctioning. James handed me back the brand new Vamo and proceeded to try to disassemble the defective Vamo. Molegrips and waterpump pliers came out.
My replacement Vamo is working perfectly. James at is a real enthusiast – there are home made tin mods and devices and juices and a real enthusiasm. But more than that – a real customer service ethic – exemplary.

Right, I got up this morning, with all the joys of spring, all excited like a 5 year old waiting for a belated Santa to come. I rolled myself a fag, and sneered at it whilst lighting and muttering under my breath ‘so long suckers, you, are soon gonna be history like wife no. 2’. As the morning rolled on, I kept peering out the window waiting for Mr Postie, yep, mine is a miserable b*stard, but as time was ticking on, and so was the amount of nicotine and coffee being consumed, no sign. I swear I saw him at least 10 times, looking at me and laughing, like an oasis in the desert.
When finally, as I was pacing up and down in the kitchen, like I was waiting for a newborn, in the silence I heard the angelic voices of the doorbell ringing, suddenly the clouds parted, and a ray of sunshine bestowed my front door. When I opened it, imagine my delight at seeing the postie all dressed in his uniform, shove this package into my face without even looking up and acknowledging I was there, muttering, please sign in the box. Throwing the PDA into my hands thinking I must have at least 2 pairs, as this came a nanosecond after the parcel had been thrust right into my face.
As I signed and passed the unit back, he turned away and dragged his knuckles against the floor, on his merry way, with the ringing of ‘thank you’ in his hairy and heavily waxed ears.
As I went to gently shut the door, I couldnt contain my excitement, and after shutting it harder than an intercity training smashing into a badger, I lovingly looked at my parcel, with a beautiful sticker on it from Vaper Train. After precisely 0.682 seconds later, I was tearing at the package and ravishing it, in the same manner I expect Woowoo was with her new bloke last night* (see this thread, to get the idea): –
Now this is where my criticism of Vaper Train comes in, as it was so well packed, it took me longer to get in the package, than if I have participated in the above ‘act of desire’ with Woowoo. Yeah you guessed it all of 10 seconds.
Now in front of me, was all the fruits of my labour, and after figuring out how to open the Vamo box, stupid bloody design if you ask me, and NO, James didnt warn and advise me how to open the bloody thing (Black mark 2), I have all these shiny items in front of me. Pah, who needs to look at instructions, so I placed them on my three legged coffee table, that is still an ongoing prepack project from 1999, you can tell as its black ash!! and put together my contraption, and filled with RY4 juice.
As I switched on the device, being a mans man, I cranked it up to 6 volts, pushed the button and inhaled like a old porn star sucking a golf ball through an hosepipe. The hit to the back of my throat was harder than an asteroid smashing into the earth. Once I regainedsenses, I decided it would be best to reduce the voltage to a more girly 3.4v and wow, I am more impressed with this equipment, than I was when I first had sex.
I have now resigned my stinkies to the bin, along with my marriage certificate, and look forward to being free of both sets of stinkies in my life. No looking back for me, and I am really taken and impressed with this vaping.
Thank you, Vaper Train, for the amazing service, great product, fantastic discount, and above all giving me the experiences that you have today.