E-Cig Battery Maintenance and Tips

All E-Cigarettes are considered consumables, and therefore subject to wear and tear, however, maintenance can increase the life of your parts.
Most Electronic cigarettes on the market have a 510 connector to which you screw on your tank (clearomiser/ cartomiser).
If you have purchased an ecigarrette with a 510 connector and you look in the centre of the battery housing, you will see that it has a floating pin. Remember this part as this will be mentioned a little bit further down this page.

Charging the eGo style Battery & Cleaning
The eGo style batteries are pre charged when you receive them.
When the initial charge is used up, charge the battery, until the light turns green on your charger (this takes about 3 hours), or if your charger hasn’t got an indication light, leave it on charge for about 3 hours.

Keep the battery connections dry as any liquid puddle or dried liquid in the battery will cause a lack of connection to the atomiser/ clearomiser/ cartomiser or charger.
This will cause you to automatically draw harder, to get it to work and is harsh on the atomiser/ clearomiser/ cartomiser, or worst case, couse a short in the battery.
This also can cause for too much liquid to be dumped into the atomiser, causing the atomiser to get hot, leak or not produce any vapour.
Use an ear bud to clean out the connection, as this the easiest way, especially around the threads.
Once every two weeks, take an ear bud dipped in alcohol, and thoroughly wipe out the battery connection to remove any dried liquid.
If you have been noticing your batteries are not holding their charge like they used to, they probably need cleaned.
Also don’t forget to clean  the charger connection with a dry cloth or ear bud.

My eGo battery does not work when I attach my tank (clearomiser/ cartomiser), to it, but works when nothing is attached to it, Is it actually broken?
Good question, but not necessarily.

The battery not working, or flashing, is the circuits’ way to tell you there is something wrong
It could be something as simple, as the centre pin having been pushed down, causing the battery not to function properly
This is a known issue with eGo style batteries, often caused by over tightening the atomiser/ clearomiser/ cartomiser on to the battery, but you can easily solve this problem by:

  •  Take your clearomiser/ atomiser/ cartomiser of
  •  Get a cocktail stick and blunt the tip.
  • Gently wiggle the cocktail stick at the side of the centre pin, go around the centre pin and  lift it up gently.
  • Screw your clearomiser/ atomiser/ cartomiser back on and start vaping

This is a quick & easy fix for the most common issues with an eGo style battery.
Here you can Watch a video on how to
The other issue being you dropped it and the wires have snapped you can tell the difference as with a snapped wire the activation led will flash.
We will create a fix video for this at some point in the future but this video fix is for NON Firing atomisers/ cartomisers/ clearomisers on eGo Style batteries.

eGo RS
The New eGo-RS  main feature is: that it has a removable 14500 battery, which you can replace whenever you want, by simply unscrewing the end cap!
Something you can’t do with standard eGo style batteries.
the eGo-RS all-round appearance: in general looks the same, as the ego style batteries.
The battery thread is exactly the same as normal ego style batteries, and fits various atomisers, cartomisers and clearomisers, E.G:  ego-T atomiser/Tank system, CE4/CE5 & any Standard 510 atomisers.

It can be charged in two ways:
Using a regular ego style USB (fast) charger, or you can remove the 14500battery (900mAh) and use a battery charger capable of charging li-lion3.7vBatteries (using a battery charger preferred)

SingleBattery Weight: 43 g
Length: 88.2 mm
Diameter: 15 mm
EGO-RS 14500 Battery capacity: 900 mAh

eGo Passthroughbatteries_passthroughs.jpg

The eGo passthrough: is a manually operated battery that has an end cap, that can be removed to allow theuser to plug the device in to a USB port, and therefore it can be used like apass-through. The battery can also be used like a standard eGo battery.

The eGopassthrough: has a 5 click on/off button, which can be used to prevent unwanted activation when thedevice is not in use.
When in the on position, you just push the button which will light up blue.

Charging the eGo passthrough: takes about 3 hours, and can be charged in either of 2 ways,

1:Through a USB connection
Simply unscrew the end cap and attach the USB cable, to use it as a pass through.
When you click 5 times to switch it off it stops unwanted activation, though, you could still use it whilst sitting in front of the computer, whilst it is charging.
2:Through a 510 connection, though not recommended
When used as a battery, you can click 5 times to switch it off to stop unwanted activation.

We recommend you only charge with a USB cable and not through the 510 connection!