E-Cig vs Tobacco Cigarette FAQ

What Are the Benefits of using the e-Cigs vs. Smoking Cigarettes?
The electronic cigarette has no smell, no second hand smoke and none of the 4,000+ chemicals you find in a tobacco cigarette. It won’t stain your teeth, the cost after initial purchase can be much lower than traditional cigarettes and they can usually be used in non-smoking areas.

This does not exclude nicotine, as  every single e-liquid  contains nicotine, unless stated otherwise. Nicotine is addictive. Nicotine is a poison. Do not use e-liquid for any use, other than as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Do not swallow-liquid. E-liquid is only for use in electronic cigarettes and other kinds of personal vaporisers.

What is an eCig?
An Electronic cigarette (e-cig) is a portable, battery-powered device that simulates smoking by vaporising E-liquid (containing PG and/or VG) and flavouring yet still delivering nicotine (nicotine levels can vary, down to 0 mg, depending on what the user wants), but without the other 3999+  chemicals, like tar, hidden in cigarettes

It generates a smoke-like vapour and provides the same hand-to-mouth, inhalation experience as smoking.
It has been shown to reduce cravings among smokers, not just for nicotine, but also for the relaxation, associated with inhaling and exhaling vapour.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?
The e-cigarette it self is not healthy nor is it unhealthy; as it is just an electronic devise for vaporizing the liquid.

The liquid used in an E-cigarette contains:  USP-grade PG (Propylene Glycol) used in food flavourings, cosmetics, asthma inhalers, and the artificial smoke at rock concerts.

NOTE: Some people are allergic to PG (e.g., a rash or sore throat, but usually nothing serious). If you find youself in  a situation like this, you could try using a lower PG% and a higher VG%, or switch to VG completely, In all cases, listen to your body, and if you don’t trust it at all times seek medical advice.

USP-grade VG (Vegetable Glycerin), more syrupy than Propylene Glycol
A selectable amount of nicotine (derived from tobacco).
Flavouring (derived from different types of tobacco and or food flavourings)

What are the costs of the Electronic Cigarettes vs Tobacco cigarettes
After an initial purchase, the cost of vaping could be less, perhaps significantly less; about half the cost of your analogue smoking (unless you get carried away, as some of us do, with buying many different types of devices). Even upfront, the costs of buying an electronic cigarette may not be that much more expensive. After you’ve read all the info links, I’m sure you’ll be able to choose which E-Cigarette is right for you, and have everything you would need to start this alternative.

How do I get my E-Cig to taste like the cigarettes I smoked?
To be honest, it is impossible.No E-Liquid is going to taste like burning leaves. E-Liquid is vaporized liquid. There is nothing burning.Liquids might mimic a flavour, but it will not be exactly the same.
Do not use e-liquid for any use, other than as an alternative to smoking tobacco. Do not swallowe-liquid. E-liquid is only for use in electronic cigarettes and other kinds of personal vapourisers.

Is nicotine harmful?
Nicotine is not the harmful ingredient in tobacco; it is the additives in cigarettes that are harmful. There is absolutely no medical evidence anywhere that nicotine is more harmful than caffeine though as stated before, nicotine is addictive.
Nicotine in it’s purest highest concentrate is a  poison.

NOTE: Everyone tests positive for nicotine, it is a normal part of the diet.
Unless someone does not eat vegetables, it shows up in everyone’s blood stream in small amounts, because it is a common ingredient in vegetables.

Is it normal to vape more than you smoke?
Yes, it is extremely common for a person to vape more than they smoked, as an electronic cigarette is an ever lasting tobacco cigarette.

A few reasons for this are:
It is a lot easier to vape than it was to smoke. You can do it in many more places than you could smoke. Smoke and vapour are complete opposites. There is nothing to stop you from vaping like before when your cigarette burned down and you threw it away, and you don’t have to light up a new one. In most cases you just press a button and vape.
You are also trying to get the same sensation that comes from a cigarette, which is impossible. Vaping is very different from smoking in that regard. Your body is getting used to not having all the chemicals that are in regular cigarettes, so in turn you will want to vape more to try and achieve the same satisfaction of those additive chemicals you are not getting with vaping.

Cigarettes contain well over 4,000 chemicals along with the nicotine.
Vaping, you’re getting the nicotine, propylene glycol, flavour and the hand to mouth sensation that makes vaping work over other alternatives.
We have found that once you are used to vaping you will start using it less, and treat it more like an analogue cigarette.

How do I maintain my E-Cigarette?
On our home page, there is a E-Cig Battery Maintenance & Tips  section . All E-Cigarettes are considered consumables and thus subject to wear and tear, however in most cases with maintenance your parts can last longer.

How do I know what parts go with my E-cigarette?
Good to know is that most E-cig parts are connected via a 510 connector. When looking at a product, most websites will show  a related items section when you scroll down past the description. This will help you select the exact items that are compatible with your device.

Do I have to buy a full kit?
Starter Kits normally have everything you would need to get started (the battery, charger and clearomiser) often including a bottle E-liquid of your choice to fill your clearomiser.
It is cheaper to buy a kit than to buy all the parts separate, but it is possible to do so.

Purchasing parts separate, it would be advisable to make sure to have at least two batteries, along with the other required parts, as one battery needs to be charging while the other one is in use.
It is not realistic to try and vape with one of each separate parts, because at some point you could be without a battery, while the only battery is charging.
If you decide to build your own E-Cigarette in parts, then it is advisable to check the related products below each product to be sure to get the compatible parts for building your own.

Can I buy one kit for use by two vapers?
As far as sharing a kit, you might run into not having a battery, because the battery is being used by the sharer.
So for this reason, a kit is meant for use by one person.

The benefits of  E-cigs are:

  • No flame, so no burning tobacco
  • No unpleasant smells clinging to your clothes, or lingering in your home
  • No more dirty ashtrays, or looking for lighters /matches
  • Take a puff where and when ever you want
  • Satisfies your craving for nicotine, as with a cigarette
  • Controllable nicotine intake, or even no nicotine at all
  • Not banned under the smoking ban
  • No passive smoking
  • Less expensive