Metal Drip Tip


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These Metal Steel Drip Tips have a polished finish.
Liven up, and enhance your vaping experience, with these stunning Drip Tips
These Drip Tips will  give a touch of style to any of your metal or steel PV, or your favourite atomiser/ clearomiser/ cartomiser with 510 connection.
These Drip Tips can be used just like any other Drip Tip, and they are easy to clean, by just rinsing them under a warm tap

Compatible with the following:
Dual CoilTank
510 Atomiser
510 Clearomiser
510 Cartomiser.
(EG: Vivi Nova, Aga-T+, IGO-L)

Product Care :
We recommend that you wash your Drip Tip before first use.
If the Drip Tip pushes on too tight to the device, lubricate the bottom with some E-Liquid, to make it fit easier .
Store and handle the Drip Tip with care, small parts represent a choking hazard, so we recommend to keep them out of reach of small children.
Only use the Drip Tip, on clearomisers/ cartomisers/ atomiser with a 510 connection.