E-liquid 0 Nicotine

Here you can find our Zero Nic E-liquids for use on its own or with our Nic Shots

The Smoking Car (Tobacco Flavours)

The Buffet Car (Sweet and beverage Flavours)

Both the Smoking Car and the Buffet Car come with a choice between our Classic (50% VG and 50% PG mix) or Cloud Chaser (80% VG, 20% PG mix)
All Zero Nic ordered with Nic Shots will be provided in bottles big enough for you to shake and vape straight away.
If you are not buying our Nic Shots but you are going to add nicotine to our Zero Nic E-liquid please ask for your E-liquid to be dispensed in a bigger bottle than that of what you have ordered, you can do this at checkout.