What is E-liquid?

In order to deliver a similar experience to smoking cigarettes, E-cigs make use of E-liquid, to provide the taste, nicotine, and visual appearance of smoking to the smoker without the 3999+ chemicals found in  cigarettes.

E-liquid, is a liquid consisting of PG (propylene glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), flavouring, and nicotine.
(We will explain the ingredients of E-liquid in a separate information page)
In some cases, vapers have found they are either sensitive or allergic to a high concentrate of PG.
A possibility to solve this, is to switch to a higher ratio of VG based e-liquid.
The E-liquid is heated by an atomiser, a component contained in the electronic cigarette in order to create the vapour (smoke) that is inhaled when the smoker vapes.

Of course pre-filled cartridges (provided with cigarette look-a-likes, we do not sell pre filled cartridges, nor look-a-likes ) already come with E-liquid; however it is more economical to refill your own cartridges.
You do not have to continuously purchase pre-filled cartridges, just re-fill them yourself over and over. It is not hard to do and will cut the cost down considerably.

E-liquid is sold online, on many sites.
It comes in a variety of strengths and flavours, from 20mg down to 0mg.
It is recommended to start with a medium strength, (similar to a real cig) and work your way down to 0mg if you can. Then the only habit you have is the hand to mouth.
You can work on that at your own pace once you have beaten the nicotine, though most enjoy the pleasures of vaping and will continue to do so.

We have found that while some flavours are cool and amusing, they are  not something you will want to use all day. While the vapour (smoke) can be accurately reproduced, it is impossible to make it taste exactly like a burning tobacco.
However, the flavours are close enough to satisfy you.
If you are a menthol smoker, try our menthol E-liquid, many users swear by it, and many find other flavours to take its place over time.
If you’re not, you have a lot more choices; it’s really up to your palette.

We do not sell 100% VG, or 100% PG E-liquid, but a mix of 50%PG/ 50%VG or 20%PG/ 80%VG
You can choose your preferred nicotine strength using the drop down menu, varying from 0mg to 20mg (0% to 2%)
The average person that starts vaping, starts out with 20mg or 18mg strength nicotine.
The average guideline as far as mg strength needed in E-liquid is determined by how much you currently smoke: 18mg for a pack a day, or under, 20mg for a pack a day and over.
Vaper Train carries over 15 flavours of e-liquid in  different strengths varying from 0mg/mg Nic to 20mg/ml Nicand in 10ml bottles.

In our opinion, choosing an all day flavour to vape is the hardest part of vaping.