Mech Mods

Mech Mods are larger and most commonly used by people that found vaping is the thing for them and want to use E-cigs long term, they are used by the more advanced user, and or people that are looking for that little bit extra they can not get out of an eGo style battery

The length of eGo style batteries vary due to the various sizes of the battery itself (mAh) which is located within the (most commonly) black tube. The width of the eGo style battery can be compared to the width of a sharpy marker.

Mod batteries are mostly longer (there are a few exceptions like telescope mods) and wider compared to an eGo style battery (roughly between 19mm and 24mm in diameter)

We strongly recommend that our customers only charge batteries with the chargers and wall plugs, that have been provided with the kits we sell, or ones that have been purchased separately from us ( Vaper Train).
We can not be held liable for damages or injury caused to persons, due to the use of third party goods purchased elsewhere.

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