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NdFeB Ring Magnets (Neodymium Rings)

Need magnets that will fit on your mechanical mod as an alternative to a spring?
These little magnets work.surprisingly well.
You do not need to stack multiple magnets to create enough magnetic resistance to support the weight of your device, as you only need to use two individual magnets to achieve the desired result.

NdFeB rings Magnets, are sometimes also known as Rare Earth Magnets and or discs with central holes.

Due to their shape, the ring magnets have a higher permeance coefficient than a same-sized disc magnet.
This means they can resist demagnetisation better, making them ideal for repulsive applications.

Please choose from the drop down menu whether you wish to receive:
2x Ring Magnets for £3.50
4x Ring Magnets for £5.50

Inner Ø:                             9mm
Outer Ø:                            14mm
Thickness:                         1mm
Operating temperature: Maximum 80’C

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Ring Magnet

Ring Magnet x 2, Ring Magnet x 4

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