eGo USB Passthrough 900mAh


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eGo USB Passthrough (900mAh)

(Please Note, This Product Is Not Suitable For Sub oHm Vaping)

The advantage of the eGo passthrough is that you can use this device whilst you are charging it, E.G:You can use the divice whilst it is plugged in to your car stereo, or when you’re sat behind your computer
The eGo passthrough: is a manually operated battery that has an end cap, that can be removed to allow the user to plug the device in to a USB port, and therefore it can be used like a pass-through. The battery can also be used like a standard eGo battery.

The eGo passthrough
: has a 5click on/off button, which can be used to prevent unwanted activation when the device is not in use.
When in the on position, you just push the button which will light up blue.

Charging the eGo passthrough
: takes about 3 hours, and can be charged in either of 2 ways,

Through a USB connection

Simply unscrew the end cap and attach the USB cable, to use it as a pass through.

When you click 5 times to switch it off it stops unwanted activation, though, you could still use it whilst sitting in front of the computer, whilst it is charging.

 Through a 510 connection, though not recommended

When used as a battery, you can click 5 times to switch it off to stop unwanted activation.

We recommend you only charge with the cable provided and not through the 510 connection!


  • 5 Click system
  • USB cable
  • 3 Hours charge time

Additional information

eGo Passthrough

Passthrough Without Bable, Passthrough With Cable

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