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Especially designed for EGO style batteries

The eGo Ring when attached to a lanyard makes it easy for you to carry your eGo set-up with you, without having to worry about misplacing it, and or breaking anything in your pocket.
The rings are well made and sturdy, and can be attached to any lanyard to comfortably hang around your neck
They have a Removable end clip for convenience, so you can leave the ring attached to your eGo battery without having to constantly unscrew your tank.

the  eGo rings fits most eGo Style batteries such as the eGo-C Twist, eGo Passthrough, eGo-RS, eGo-K, eGo-T (not suitable for the Evod Battery)

How does it work
Slide the ring over the battery connector and let it rests on the button
Attach your clearomiser / tank to your battery and you’re ready to go.

Please use the drop down menu to choose from the following
eGo Ring with Clip
eGo Ring with clip and Lanyard

Specs of the eGo Ring 
Colour                   Silver
Material                Zinc Alloy
Lanyard                 Black
Inner diameter:  13mm
Outer diameter: 15.7mm
Depth                 15.7mm
Height                 7.3mm
Width                   20mm

Specs of the Lanyard
Material:             Dacron+Plastic+Alloy
Color:                  Black
Length Approx: 48cm
Thickness:          1mm
Width:                7mm

Additional information

eGo Ring

eGo Ring, eGo Ring With Lanyard

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