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What most keep quiet

What most keep quiet

99% of the electronic cigarettes and E-liquid, are manufactured in, and imported from China (there are a hand full of manufacturers outside China, and also some that sell their own DIY goods).

Whatever brand name a supplier may give, it is one off the same basic models from Chinese manufacturers, and there is no miracle product.

Since the majority comes from China, and are purchased by the supplier, a lot of e-shops pay extra to have their brand name printed on the product.

Some E-shops state
that a battery will last 300-600 puffs, before needing to be recharged.
Not true
. If you are a heavy smoker, you are going to be lucky if a battery lasts two to four hours, except the eGo and Leo batteries which last up to 7 hrs, depending on the mAh.

They also tell you a cartridge will last the same as a pack of regular (analogue) cigarettes.
They don't
- at least not in our experience.

Many only sell the cartridges and not the e-liquid, so they can keep you coming back for more.
That's good for them, not very good for you.
If you go that route it could cost you more each day to smoke (vape) , than what it did when you used analogue cigarettes.

We at Vaper Train believe in transparicy and honesty in combination with offering you quality products.

We do not sell cig-a-likes, as we do not want to participate in creating a hype amongst teens turning them in to smokers, making them think it's the best thing to have.

Also being ex smokers ourselves, we found one  important thing to quit smoking is to have an alternative but not necessarily one that actually looks like a cigarette.