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About Vaper Train

Welcome to Vaper Train!


Men and women are enjoying the wonders of electronic cigarettes.
It appears that you are considering becoming one of us, and we are so glad to have you!!


You've come to the right place; Vaper Train is a supplier of e-cigarettes and E-liquid.


In our Store links , you can find all you'll need to know to determine if this alternative to tobacco cigarettes (or pipes and cigars) is right for you, what to order to make it work and how to use it.


And it will also help you decide what set up/ kit is best for you!


Additional information if needed can be found under each individual product description, if you still have any questions after reading the info pages, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any question.


We aim to give you the best customer service and un-biased advice/information


NOTE: We only sell Electronic cigarettes for 18 and older adults who are smokers or already vapers. If that does not describe you, or the person for whom you are investigating this, we wish you well, but ask you to shop elsewhere.


We at Vaper Train prefer to refer to the E-Cigarette as  PV (Personal vaporiser)

Reason for this;

When mentioning  E-cigs most people think about the cig-a-likes (cigarette look a likes)

We from Vaper Train try to stay away from the cig-a-likes, as we believe it gives out the wrong message to non smokers, and teens.


We do not want participate in creating a new hype and get young adults using the PV because it’s the new coolest thing to do/have


E-cigs contain nicotine, eventhough there are non nicotine varieties available.


Being a smoker trying to quit, you are looking for an alternative to smoking, not an actual cigarette.

The PV gives you that alternative as it gives you the feel and taste (with a liquid that is right for you) of the cigarette but doesn’t have to have the looks.


Most people start on the cig-a-likes but soon switch to the more advanced devices and liquids, as the cig-a-likes work out just as, if not more expensive as the analogue cigarette.



Our biography


Every one we know started using the E-Cig as an alternative to smoking, and we are no exception.

After having tried every NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) out there wasn’t working for us, our last resort to try and quit, was the E-cig, so we bought a cig-a-like to give it a try.


We found that we significantly reduced smoking the tobacco cigarettes, but were still using them. And as the cig-a-likes were rather expensive to replace, we started looking for refillables/rechargeables., and bought our first PV

Never looked back since, as we stopped using tobacco cigarettes within a week.


We find that we enjoy the non tobacco flavours more now, as our taste has changed over time, and have been reducing the nicotine strengths we use.


The reason for us opening this web based store is, We believe in this product, and have firsthand experience.

If it helped us, it can help you!