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IGO-L Dripping Atomiser

5 product stars

IGO-L Dripping Atomiser Summary

The IGO-L stainless steel dripping atomiser


  •        IGO-L stainless steel dripping atomiser
  •        Colour:Stainless Steel
  •        Material: 304 grade polished stainless steel
  •        Size: L:25mm; Ø:20mm
  •        E-Liquid Capacity: Dripping.
  •        Resistance:Can be adjusted
  •        Thread fitting: 510 Connector
  •        Iso9001,CE & RoHS compliant

The advantages of the IGO-L Dripping Atomizer:
1. Build your own coils and wicks, for an enjoyable taste of your suiting.
2. Pure mechanical device so will have a long life span.


1 x IGO-L body and base
1 x Silica Wick
1 x Resistance wire
2 x Spare O Rings

We cannot guarantee that the Igo-L works on all devices due to its nature.
This is a device for the advanced user, we don’t sell readymade coils with wicks (please do not purchase if you are not comfortable or experienced with rewicking atomisers).

You can source your own wicking material to make your own in our store, as you will want to experiment and find the set up that works best for you E.G: length of wick / material for example.

Please do take great care when installing your coils we recommend you do a lot of research on how to do anything with a rebuildable atomiser of any kind, use youtube, and forums to find answers, tips and tricks, and of  course we will try and answer any questions you have and offer our assistance with what works best for us with rebuildables as always.
We have a no returns policy on this product. and do not accept DOA (unless faulty).
This is because you are the one who is creating the atomiser.

Rebuildable atomiser coils and wicks have known risks associated with them, please make sure you test them first with a multi-meter or a device that can check the resistance before using it on any mod / battery.
 Rebuildables are for experienced users and not for the beginner users with no knowledge of how to use such a device. Where a multi-meters available for use we highly recommend that you test your coils prior to first use.  We do not recommend use by the inexperienced or those without a very basic knowledge of electronics.

 Due to the nature of the Igo-L we do not and will not accept liability for any damage caused to your devices when using this atomiser

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Customer Reviews
2 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Buy One Now - Kev - 02/08/2014
I have to say I am impressed with how quick it arrived ordered it 1.00am Friday Came 11.00am Saturday awesome little RDA

5 product stars
Fantastic product - Sean - 07/15/2013
The IGO-L is my first dripping atomiser and the taste from my eliquid is now totally transformed. Its very easy to coil and wick. If your thinking about going down the rebuildable route then choose this device but remember to buy a drip tip if you haven't already got one! Delivery from this vendor is very fast and the customer service is outstanding!

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