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IGO-W3 Quad Coil Rebuildable Dripping atomiser

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IGO-W3 Quad Coil Rebuildable Dripping atomiser Summary

IGO-W3 Quad Coil Rebuildable Dripping atomiser

The new IGO-W3 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, is made from Stainless Steel and solidly built from the base up.
Multiple air vents are located at the base that can be adjusted  (adjusted on the inner and outer casing) and it has a total of 5 posts to enable a Quad Coil set up.

This is a DRIPPING atomiser NOT a Tank! We recommend  to put a few drops on the wick/coil before vaping to prime the unit and allow it to soak, the IGO-W3 has got a decent size well to help prevent leakage and a sealed 510 connection to protect your batteries.


Product name:   IGO-W3
Colors :                Stainless
Material :             Stainless Steel
Hight:                    30 mm  
Diameter Φ:       22 mm
Weight :               45 g
Battery voltage :3.7-6V
Resistance :       Can be adjusted
Screw thread :   510 thread
Compatibility :    Can use most 510 thread battery or MODS
Variable Adjustable Air-Holes
5 Post to enable a Quad-Coil set up (coil up to 4 wick/coil combinations)

1 positive and 4 negative post
There is a hole on the posts, which makes it easy to build
No welding, easy to disassemble ,long lifespan, uses standard  nichrome / kanthal wire and there is no need for non-resistant wire
Spare part bags included

Package includes:

1x box
1x packet of spares containing:

2x Black O-Ring
1x white ring
1x screw
4x strains of Silica wick to get you started
1x Wire to get you started


Use a Phillips screw driver for the positive and  negative posts
Use silica / glass fibre wick

The O-rings at the base can make it difficult to 'twist the top cap to adjust the air flow, we recommend you rub a little bit of E-liquid on to the O-rings to make adjusting the airflow a little bit smoother .
To remove the top cap for the first time, slide your thumbnail  underneath  the seam and wiggle it up, this way the top  cap can be removed easily.

Rebuildable atomisers are device for the advanced user.
We do not sell ready made coils with wicks, so please do not purchase rebuildable atomisers if you are not comfortable or experienced with rewicking atomisers.

Please take great care when installing your coils, we recommend you do a lot of research on how to do anything with a rebuildable atomiser of any kind.
Use Youtube, and forums to find answers, tips and tricks, and of  course we will try and answer any questions you have and offer our assistance with what works best for us with rebuildable atomisers.

We have a no returns policy on rebuildable atomisers. and do not accept DOA (unless faulty)
This is because you are the one who is creating the atomiser.
Rebuildable atomiser coils and wicks have known risks associated with them, please make sure you test them first with a multi-meter or a device that can check the resistance before using it on any mod / battery.
Rebuildables are for experienced users and not for the beginner users with no knowledge of how to use such a device.
Where a multi-meters available for use, we highly recommend that you test your coils prior to first use. 
We do not recommend use by the inexperienced or those without a very basic knowledge of electronics.

Due to the nature of rebuildable atomisers we do not and will not accept liability for any damage caused to your devices when using these types of atomiser

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