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Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
TOP DRAW - Rob - 05/31/2014
Really fast service from ordering to getting. All I need from this little beauty. Knocks the proverbial crap out of bigger and more expensive options.Highly Recommendedhint : be gentle threading it

5 product stars
EVOD - Wullie-M - 11/04/2013
Bought the EVOD to go on my twist for out and about and I am now using it on my mods to these little tanks just VAPE brilliantly some people may find the draw a little cooler and slightly airier at first but you soon get used to it and the flavour and VAPE you get you will soon forget the cooler and airier draw and as Keith above said just give the seal at the bottom a little lubrication so as to get a good tight seal and no leaks and once again great service from VAPERTRAIN.

5 product stars
Real Good - Keith - 06/29/2013
I only ordered this yesterday afternoon and received it this that is some great service!I thought i would try this unit out, they are so much better than the clearomizer. I also bought some replacement 2.2ohm heads, I find that this resistance is best as I use non-variable ego style batteries and do not like the "raw" juice flavors that you can get using higher resistance atomizers.Here is a tip for you, some people find that they have experienced evods leaking from around the joint at the bottom of the tank. After filling make sure that the "O" ring is lubricated with a little juice, it will help the "O" ring seat properly, help prevent it becoming damaged and enable the tank to be correctly tightened.These provide a cooler, more airy draw than a clearomizer but great tast and vapor..real nice product.

5 product stars
Great - Mawsley - 06/18/2013
Full of vape and flavour, doesn't leak or spit, sold by wonderful people.

5 product stars
Can´t beat it - Vapemonkey1980 - 04/03/2013
Cracking little bit of kit, and easily as good a "clearo" as I've tried.Have had duff luck with some previous efforts, but so far this one has bags of vapour and flavour, so happy days!Cracking service as always, so win win

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