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Coolfire 1 Kit

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Coolfire 1 Kit Summary

Cool Fire 1 Kit

This is another great device developed by Innokin.
This device is technologically advanced, yet extremely simple to use, and will appeal to both the beginner and advanced vaper.
The Cool Fire 1 is the ideal device for those who prefer simple operation and also appreciate a cutting edge style.

The Cool Fire I has a beautifully crafter full metal body , has short circuit protection, with a power rating up to 8.5W.
The Cool Fire 1 comes with an iClear 30B bottom dual coil clearomiser, so all you will need to get started is a 1x 18350 battery and  E-liquid.

How does it work

You can find the user guide
once you have taken the Cool Fire 1 and the iClear 30B out of the Acrylic box, and lift up the black foam in-lay .
You will need a single 18350 battery to insert in to the battery tube.
To do this, unscrew the battery cap (at the bottom), insert the battery and screw the battery cap back on.
The Cool Fire is now ready for operation.
Click the fire button 3 times to switch the Cool Fire on.

Filling up your iClear 30B
The iClear 30B is a dual bottom coil clearomiser.
To fill the clearomiser unscrew the bottom of the iClear 30B (the bottom side is where the 510 connector is)
Pour your E-liquid down the side in to the clearomiser,(so in between the centre post and the tank, make sure you do not pour liquid down the middle (centre post) as the liquid will run out straight away, any liquid left in the middle will cause flooding)
Screw the bottom back on and screw it on to your Cool Fire 1

Now that your tank is filled, and you've got a battery in the Cool Fire 1 you are ready to vape.

Just press the Fire button (this will cut off after about 10 seconds)

The fire button lights up and depending on the power left in your battery will change colour, roughly telling you how much power there is left in your battery.

Green: Battery Voltage is higher than 3.75V
Orange: Battery Voltage is in between 3.6V and 3.75V
Red: Battery Voltage is lower than 3.6V (Keeps flashing when the Battery output is below 3.3V and will switch off)

This kit includes:

1x iClear30B Dual Coil Clearomiser (non rotatable stainless steel drip tip)
1x Acrylic Box
1x Manual

Supports 1x 18350 batteries - maximum current output is more than 5000mA.
Rated power of 8.5W, which is perfect for 2.1 ohm iClear dual coil clearomizers.
Reverse Battery Protection Circuit.
Built in 7A fuse for protection and stability.
Short Circuit Protection.
ON/OFF battery switch.
LED Battery Power Display.
Low Voltage Warning.
Overtime Vaping Warning (10 second cut off).
Vent holes.
Will fit most clearomisers / atomisers with a 510 connector, like the iClear10, iClear16, and iClear30, as well as most other standard 510 clearomisers / atomisers.

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