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Aspire Vivi nova BDC

5 product stars
£1.50 inc. tax

£1.25 ex. tax
? Tax based on United Kingdom.

Aspire Colour*

Aspire Vivi nova BDC Summary

Aspire Vivi Nova BDC with Metal Body

The Aspire BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) Vivi Nova tank is designed with the user in mind.
It has a 3.5ml glass tank with metal outer case.
Super easy to fill and to replace the coils with its bottom coil design.
No leaking. Durable and reliable.

The Aspire Vivi Nova BDC has been revolutionized with a new heating element coil design.
If you are a fan of the Vivi Nova, then don't hesitate to switch to the BDC.
Bottom coil clearomiser types are becoming more popular.
The Aspire Vivi Nova BDC tank is an unbeatable update to the already available BCC clearomisers like the T3. and Evod
The tank can be disassembled into five parts for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Coil heads can be easily replaced by unscrewing the bottom end cap. (Replacements are available in store)
The plastic drip tip, that is included can be replaced with your favourite drip tip.
Each unit includes one coil head (1.8ohm rating).

We stock the Aspire Vivi Nova in three different colours, please use the drop-down menu yo select the colour you wish to order

      Pink                     Blue                    Black          Stainless Steel

aspirevivinova-s-glass_-_copy.jpg        aspirevivinova-s-glass.jpg          aspirevivinova-s-glass1.jpg        apire-vivinova_stainless.jpg

What do I get when I purchase an AspireVivi Nova BDC?
1 x
Aspire 3.5ml Vivi Nova BDC
1 x
Plastic drip tip
1 x
Coil Head 1.8ohm

Please note:
This is the latest version with the two holes in the head.
We do not have any 4 hole heads.


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Customer Reviews
3 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
The best yet - Chris Tweed - 15/12/2013
I've been using the standard top single coil Vivi Novas for quite some time and I really liked them. I read the hype about the Aspire BDC, thought it was worth a shot & ordered one. For once the hype seems to be true! These produce a wonderful vape with great flavour that I think has only been topped by using a direct dripper or a rebuildable, but not much in it at all. And those dual coils produce plenty of vape too. The only thing I'm not so keen on with these is the visibility of the liquid level - but I knew what I was getting into when I bought them (yes, them once I'd tried it I placed an order for a second one pretty darned quickly, they are that good). Having a few Vivi Nova tanks around I just swapped out the metal tube for a clear plastic one from one of my old stock which was lying around and it fits perfectly. As usual with the Vivi tanks you can use whatever standard 510 drip tip you like, though I'm quite happy with the standard black plastic ones they come supplied with. The only thing I could mark this down for is the tube style with those little windows it can be hard, especially in poor light, to know how much juice you have left. But as I said, I was aware of that when I ordered them and I was keen enough to try it that I wasn't bothered. Hey, you'll always know when you've run out, right? : ) So, I would feel churlish to mark it down for something which I was aware of and which isn't really a problem as such anyway. No problems with lea

5 product stars
Aspire BDC - Mark - 09/11/2013
WOW, these things hit like a steam train with flavour and vapour, heard all the hype about them and thought they cant be that good, got one and wow, just wont use anything else now

5 product stars
Best yet - part 2 - Chris Tweed - 15/12/2013
It seems I go on for too long : ) The final part of my review simply stated : no problems with leaks at all, no gurgles just a solid vape right to the bottom of the tank. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to anyone.